Endless composition possibilities
Endless composition possibilities
Endless composition possibilities
Endless composition possibilities
Endless composition possibilities
Endless composition possibilities

Marka Total Living is the pleasure of creating made-to-measure living environments, capable of expressing the personality of those who live there with the furnishings.

My Home - My Living

Clean geometries, changing alternations of solids and voids, color combinations which, according to taste, can be discreet or whimsical. And again, finishes with different tactile and aesthetic characteristics, unique in the case of eco-mortars and synthetic stone, accessories and complements with various uses. This is Marka Living, an innovative system made up of storage and open modules, designed to satisfy any aesthetic and functional need. And to be the interpreter, with an incredible variety of sizes and possible combinations, of new contemporary lifestyles, bringing its essential, harmonious and re ned, typically Italian style to each room of the house.

Night area

The wardrobe, protagonist of the night area, with Marka, goes beyond the usual paradigms and faces, with original and smart solutions, the transversality of contemporary furniture. The boundaries and functions between one area of the house and another are becoming increasingly liquid and indefinite, just as the furnishing capabilities of the wardrobes become unlimited. With Marka, bedroom furniture rediscovers the refinement of rigorous design and the seduction of infinite compositional possibilities. Latest generation sliding wardrobes, walk-in closets, concepts that give life to flexible compositions that allow you to customize the furniture in terms of function and aesthetics. This is Marka’s vision in the new way of thinking about the environments in which we live.

Contract Division

Ad hoc environments carefully designed to give life to a finished, unique and high quality product.
Strengthened by our professionalism and competence, we work for our customers by translating dreams and expectations into projects.

The pleasure of creating


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